Who are we?

Good Vives is an 8 person team of students from the Champlain College Game Studio spending our spring semester studying abroad in Montreal. For one of our classes, we are working on Eos.

Eos¬†is a sandbox “god game” for the HTC Vive. ¬†Gameplay is defined by four unique phases. In the first phase, the player forges the sun and creates their solar system. In the second, the player smashes asteroids together to create planets which orbit in their system. In the third phase they add flavor to their barren planets with different biomes, tree’s, terrains, and creatures. In the fourth and final phase, the player can land on their planet to explore and interact with the amazing worlds that they have created. While In Virtual Reality, the player can seamlessly travel between these four phases in order to populate their universe with exciting and unique planets to explore.


Max Sanel: Producer
Richie Conti: Designer
Alex Frey: Designer
James Keats: Programmer
Tyler Chermely: Programmer
Alana Slattery: Artist
Megan McAvoy: Artist
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Christie McCown: Artist