Eos Release!

Hi everyone!


It’s been a while since we last posted here, but we have exciting news, Eos is now available for download on itch.io. You can check it out here. Also take a gander at our trailer below.


Huge shoutout to everyone who made this possible. Thank you so much for your time and help!





Changes Galore

Hi Everyone!

Max here with another update on our progress. It’s been a while since our last update, and there’s a long list of changes we’ve made in that time. We’ve upgraded to Unity 5.6 without issue, and it’s improved navmeshing capabilities solved some problems we were having with creatures. Before 5.6, navmeshes couldn’t be altered while the game was running, but that’s changed in this update, with the result being creatures can path around trees.

This sprint marks the beginning of our polish efforts. Most of what we set out to implement has been implemented at this point, giving us time to work on enhancing the game’s visuals and feel as much as possible, and fix bugs. We’re on an excellent clip to finish this project with a bang!

Take a look at this video showcasing the changes:

From Sphere to Flat Plane

Hi everyone!

We have a substantial update on how we handle walking on the planet for you this time. Originally, we were going to allow the player to deform the landscape themselves. The player would scale down relative to the planet, and walk around the surface. Unfortunately, terraforming posed too many technical risks to the game, and we decided to implement walking on the planet a bit differently. Now when you smash a comet into the planet, it changes the landscape. When you float down to the planet’s surface to walk around, you are transported to a higher-poly version of that landscape. We’ve added a bunch of environment decoration assets to this phase, and it’s taking shape quite nicely.

Give this video a look to see the progress:

Development Update

Hi all!

Max here to introduce you to our game so far: Eos. Named after the Greek Goddess of the dawn, Eos is a game for the HTC Vive where the player is the god of their own small solar system. The player is given control of bringing the sun into existence, smashing stray asteroids and comets into planets, painting life onto those planets, and finally descending from space to explore and interact with what you’ve created.

Eos is a class project, and we’re using Agile/Scrum to manage it.

A video on what we have is coming this weekend! Stay tuned for more…


Hi all!

My name is Max Sanel, and I’m the producer to team Good Vives. We’re a group of students from Champlain College working on a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive. We’ve already begun development, and we’re about 4 weeks in at this point.

On this blog, I hope to provide weekly updates on our development process, and give some sneak peeks on our project (but more on that later).

Talk to you soon!